Pete Malone and Rick Wheeler, founders of Malone/Wheeler.

Pete Malone and Rick Wheeler, founders of Malone/Wheeler.

We dive in.

We investigate.

We cultivate partnerships.

Malone/Wheeler was established in 1995 via a partnership of firm principals Pete Malone and Rick Wheeler. Our specific, unique talents and combined experience melded together creating a client-oriented professional service organization. Whether projects are small or large in scale, Malone/Wheeler delivers responsive and personal service to each and every client.

Thanks to the diversity and experience of the team at Malone/Wheeler, we are able to handle every project that comes our way, regardless of size. We cultivate partnerships with our clients, and take them through the entire process, from inception to completion.

As a full-service engineering firm, Malone Wheeler takes pride in the relationships we build as well as the structures we create.

Our people are our greatest asset. The environment we have created at the firm has kept our core members growing with us.  > LEARN MORE